Code of Conduct

Students are required to carry at all times their identity cards and produce them for inspection when requested by any member of the faculty or staff.

Minimum 80% attendance is mandatory to qualify for appearing for the University Exams.

In case student is required to remain absent he/she should obtain prior permission from the Principal in the prescribed form clearly giving the reason of absence and supporting documentation.

Students should behave and present themselves properly in classes as well as in campus.

Smoking and consumption of liquor, gutkha, drugs or any such intoxicating substance is strictly prohibited in the campus. Anybody found in possession or under the influence of such items would face severe disciplinary action.

Students must regularly read the notices relating to the time table, activity schedules etc. The institute accepts no responsibility for loss of any advantage by a student on account of his/her failure to do so.

Students using vehicles will do so entirely at their risk. Vehicles should be parked only in the designated areas. The institute will accept no responsibility for the safety and security of students’ vehicles.

Any changes in the address of student should be notified by the student in writing to the institute’s office.

The attitude and behavior of every student must demonstrate his/her commitment to the R. G. Sapkal College of Pharmacy

Vision, mission and the processes of the institute. Student’s manual containing a detailed outline of code of conduct will be given to each student at the time of the admission. Any violation may lead to his/her termination from studentship or debarring from examinations. Similarly damaging Institute property may attract heavy fines or replacement of the same.

Students will generally be in formal dress for normal classes. Slippers, short pants and Vest type T. Shirts without collar are not allowed in the classrooms. For specific function and events the students should be in formal dresses including a jacket and tie.

Any damage to hostel property, misconduct in hostels, sexual harassment, ragging, intoxication found inside the campus will lead to strict disciplinary action or termination. The detailed Hostel Guidelines will be given in the students’ manual

Maharashtra Prohibition of Anti-ragging act, 1999 defines the meaning of ragging and ragging within the campus or outside is strictly prohibited. Anybody found guilty of such acts defined as ragging shall be liable for punishment with imprisonment up to two years and a fine upto Rs. 10000.00. Any student convicted of an offense under section 4 shall be dismissed from the institution summarily. Disputes if any, will be subjected to Nashik Jurisdiction only.

As per the directives of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, no one is allowed to use cell phones in an academic institute. Hence , usage of cell phones within the SKH, at any given time will be perceived as breach of law and will be liable for appropriate action from the competent authority.

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